American Hustle Life Ep 2 in a Nutshell


Jimin: Appearing on next season of “Married at 18”

Suga: Buying baby toys for kookie

Jin: Buying baby toys for kookie and feeding his children

Taehyung: One less lonely idiot  who gets all the ladies and wins embarrassment of the century award

Namjoon: Still breaks everything he touches

Jungkook: No longer a scared little baby #pubertyhappens

Hoseok: strips

ARMYs: 1900 dead, 4693 severly injured, 20 790 reported missing

Taehyung: *breathes*

Coolio: done as fuck


Paper Food
- Charlotte Smith


He’s a ho, ya.

infinite 197/365 ∞ sunggyu 29/52


Don’t be scared. I’m a shapeshifter too!


how to treat your slaves: a complete walkthrough by min yoongi

jimin: tony, i love you

Oh Sehun In His Pj’s- Taking Photos Of The Fangirls.

[BTS American Hustle Life Ep.02 : Undisclosed footage]